In this article, I offer (as I’ve done in previous writings) I offer more ideas for possible consideration by farm business owners, towards ensuring successful startup and long term success of their farm entreprises.

As for me, I use the phrase “Farm Business” to refer to a mix of largely Fish Farming businesses integrated with other livestock businesses (such as piggery, poultry, rabbitry etc) AND complementary crop farming, earthworm rearing, daphnia culturing, feed conceptualization/compounding etc.

Integrated Fish Farming Helps Shield YOU Against Risks & Uncertainties

I’ve attentively analyzed trends out here (which remains VERY unregulated and disorganised) and have come to ONE conclusion: One needs to be reasonably self sufficient in one’s farm business needs – particularly as it relates to timely acquisition of crucial, and crucial input signals which if allowed to vary in quality or availability could cause major setbacks in the farm’s operations.

Essential input signals I refer to contain brood stock, fingerlings, feedstuffs etc – the supply/quality of which may not be faithfully assured as the company owner may be let by unscrupulous suppliers down at any time!

It is my view that this approach that involves running a farm company based on a mix of high gain/low capital and operating cost livestock and other businesses, ensures that ALL the farm’s resources – including labour – are maximally utilised throughout the year.

This is in contrast to the scenario that occurs with exclusive crop and other seasonal farming ventures which must be timed to coincide with the various seasons.

Thus, if you intend to begin a farm company of your own, and wish to look forward to – and get – ACTUAL long term financial yields, I suggest you choose to make your farm run based on a livestock production enterprise – fish farming (particularly catfish) being ONE that offers pretty dependable/reasonable yields with relatively lower capital requirements – integrated with other complementary businesses.

Given the uncertain, dangerous and challenging nature of our socioeconomic environment, Incorporated Micro-Small Scale Fish farming is least insecure to learn, AND the easiest, most economical and start-up PLUS it offers – with good management – potentially the MOST rewarding fiscal yields.

That’s the reason I decided to focus on it over poultry for instance, which is comparatively MORE capital demanding and intensive. Over time of course ANY man (who has recorded progressive success in micro/small scale fish farming) can “graduate” to more capital intensive amounts.

It is very rare to find someone who has a sufficient source of income. Therefore, many people are always looking for a means of supplementing their salaries.

As a result, a person with this goal in mind wants an income generating activity that requires little workforce and can be managed during his or her free time.

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Possibly the first of all important lesson to understand is how you can identify unscrupulous companies. A sure method to recognize a plan is when you’re contacted by someone emphasizing recruitment. Oftentimes individuals are fraudulently convinced to take a position money right into a company without receiving any tangible items or services that they’ll evaluate around the premise of abnormally preferred tax treatment. Any enter in which the majority of the revenue originates from recruitment should be thought about an unlawful pyramid plan.

Inside a legitimate company one individual develops the building blocks for lengthy-term business growth, and they sponsor others and train them how you can sell the business’s items or services. These people consequently sponsor others to copy the procedure. Although this is a group effort, each individual is really becoming effective because they sponsor others and duplicate the machine.


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